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en la fabricación de puertas frigoríficas
FI 80 PD
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marketed machineries
since 2006
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  • Foris Index S.r.l. ha montado en su tejado una instalación fotovoltaica compuesta por 380 paneles que ocupan una extensión de 650 m2 y que generan una potencia de 83 kWp, logrando reducir de esta forma las emisiones y apoyando la producción de energía limpia.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

    FORIS INDEX, By sending You this letter, wants to wish you a very merry Christmas. This year, i twill be even more special, since instead of sending usual Christmas gift to our customers, FORIS INDEX will be making a donation to the Institute of Oncology of region of Emilia Romagna.

    Herewith Foris Index has chooses to make concretely the difference for women effected by cancer, helping, together with “Romagna Oncological Institute”, the project MODA, an important project for tumor breast researcg promoted by IRST and IRCCS institute in Modena. “Romagna Oncological Institute, will finance the birth of a clinic dedicated to patients involved on protocol and i twill be able to buy two new high resolution specific machines for medical analysis

    The support of Foris Index is very important to us and, most of all, it is a choice of solidarity of which we are all witnesses. Therefore, what you are receiving is a gift of great value, and it I a way to make You feel part of the important work that the Institute Of Oncology of Emilia Romagna (IOR) has been carrying out with cancer patients and their families and doctors.

    The choice of Foris Index is an opportunity to give Christmas a deeper meaning, through e gesture that is worth far more than any other gift.

    Our best whishes for a Merry Christmas

    Prof. Dino Amadori, Presidente IOR


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