Salon International de l'Agricolture au Maroc

Foris Index is exposing at the 10th "Salon International de l'Agricolture au Maroc" in Meknes from the April 28th to 2nd May 2015.

You can meet us in the pavilion A24!

Vertical Doors - FI G13

We are happy to show you some photos about cold storage door assembly on site. This is the new production about vertical doors. See moore Foris Index - FI G13

Fast Rolling Doors

Our fast rolling door is a sliding type door, the PVC screen runs through hinges inside a self-lubricating plastic profile.The self-supporting vertical profiles in black anodized aluminium, are prearranged for gaskets, resistances and hidden fasteners.Our fast rolling door does not require the installation of a vertical cover hood because it is already aesthetically neat...To know more: Fast Rolling Doors

Vacations closing - 2012

Kindly be advised that our factory and offices will be closed for vacation from the 10th August to the 27th August 2012 extremes included

Foris Index

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Online the new Foris Index profile on Youtube.
You can visit us at: Foris Index - Youtube

Online the new Foris Index profile on Facebook.
You can visit us at: Foris Index - Facebook

Dimension Drawings - 2012

Foris Index Srl has updated their products Dimension Drawings.
Enter the product page and download the attachments.

Regards, Foris Index.

Photovoltaic system

Foris Index S.r.l. installed a photovoltaic system on its roof.

This was developed by applying 380 panels across 650 sq m that generate an output of 83 kWp. They reduce emissions and support the production of clean energy.